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4 Ways You Can Create a Bridgerton Inspired Bedroom with My Fitted Bedroom

Bridgerton season 3 is just a month away! Any fans of the Netflix series will be anxiously waiting to see how the romance between Penelope and Colin unfolds! Inspired by the beauty of Bridgerton, we’re thrilled to provide our readers with 4 ways that you can create the regal inspired bedroom of your dreams!

1.     Elegant And Delicate Bedroom Accessories

The first step to achieving a Bridgerton-inspired bedroom is of course accessorising. Floral accents, regency era candelabras, vanity decor, French style mirrors, and more; these types of accessories are available to purchase in almost any home store, from low cost to luxury, you really can create this look no matter the budget!

2.     Lighting Fit for Royalty

A key feature that you’ll notice throughout the Netflix show is chandeliers! Lighting fixtures are a key element of your bedroom decor and like other accessories, can be found on a budget or in more premium stores; there really are hundreds of different regency style lighting fixtures that will give your bedroom the Bridgerton vibe!

3.     Regal Fitted Wardrobes

Next, and personally our favourite part of any bedroom; the wardrobes! No royal bedroom is complete without bespoke fitted wardrobes. Whilst this can feel like a premium purchase, with our handy payment plans, your budget concerns are resolved. Our stunning collection of custom fitted wardrobes can give your bedroom the traditional and regal feel and for those readers who aren’t big Bridgerton fans, there are more modern fitted wardrobe designs available.

4.     Light And Neutral Colour Palette

Discovering the neutral colour palette is important for this era of design. Whether you prefer champagne or pastels, opting for a light and airy colour palette will help you to truly achieve the perfect Bridgerton-inspired bedroom!

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