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Crafting the Perfect Fitted Wardrobes for Bedrooms with Tall Ceilings

In the realm of interior design, one size does not fit all. This adage rings particularly true when it comes to bedrooms with tall ceilings. These spaces offer a unique canvas for creativity, but they also present challenges in terms of utilising space effectively. Fitted wardrobes tailored to these rooms require a thoughtful approach to both design and functionality. This is where a bespoke bedroom company truly shines, offering tailored solutions to transform these spaces into havens of organisation and style.

When crafting fitted wardrobes for bedrooms with tall ceilings, the key lies in maximising vertical space without overwhelming the room. Here’s how we as a bespoke bedroom company can achieve this:

  1. Height-Optimised Wardrobe Design:

   – Floor-to-Ceiling Units:   Embrace the height of your room by installing wardrobes that stretch from floor to ceiling. This not only capitalises on unused space but also creates a seamless, cohesive look.

   –   Customised Heights:   Tailor the height of each wardrobe section to suit the room’s proportions, ensuring a balanced aesthetic while maximising storage potential.

  1. Clever Interior Layouts for Increased Storage:

   –   Shelving Solutions:   Incorporate adjustable shelving to accommodate items of varying heights, from folded clothes to accessories and footwear.

   –   Double Hanging Rails:   Utilise the vertical space efficiently by incorporating double hanging rails, perfect for organising shirts, trousers, and dresses.

   –   Drawer Systems:   Integrate deep drawers for bulky items like blankets and sweaters, while shallow drawers are ideal for smaller items such as jewellery and socks.

   –   Pull-Out Accessories:   Include pull-out features such as tie racks, belt organisers, and tie rails for added convenience and organisation.

   –   Corner Solutions:   Don’t overlook corner spaces; utilise them with corner shelves or rotating mechanisms to access every inch of storage space.

  1. Personalised Interior Storage Solutions:

   –   Customised Compartments:   We recognise that every individual has unique storage needs so we work with our clients to design personalised compartments for specific items, whether it’s a dedicated section for handbags, hats, or shoe collections.

   –   Mix and Match:   You can choose to mix and match any of our storage solutions to finds the perfect interior for you.

   –   Integrated Lighting:   Enhance visibility and ambiance with integrated LED lighting, illuminating the wardrobe’s interior to showcase belongings and help with organisation.

4. Seamless Integration with Room Décor:

   –   Matching Finishes:   Coordinate the wardrobe finishes with the room’s décor to create a harmonious look. Whether it’s mirrored doors to reflect light and visually expand the space or a wide choice of colours to complement existing furnishings, attention to detail is key.

   –   Space-Saving Doors:   Consider sliding or bi-fold doors to minimise obstruction in the room while maximising accessibility within the wardrobe.  All our doors can be built to super-height!

In conclusion, crafting our fitted wardrobes for bedrooms with tall ceilings requires a blend of creativity, functionality, and personalised design. By collaborating closely with our clients and leveraging innovative storage solutions, My Fitted Bedroom can transform these spaces into highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. From maximising vertical space to designing personalised interior storage, the goal is to create wardrobes that not only optimise storage but also enhance the overall ambiance of the room.

Our fitted wardrobes can be built to 2500mm high, we can then still utilise the remaining height with our bespoke top-box cabinets