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Sliding Wardrobe Hacks: Creative Ways to Maximise Storage

Sliding wardrobes are a brilliant addition to any space; they help maximise storage to its fullest potential and create a home for all of your possessions and belongings. But what if I told you there are even more ways to create space in a sliding wardrobe? In this blog, we’ll cover some our favourite hacks to help make the most out of every inch of space in your sliding wardrobe…

Draw Dividers:

Draw dividers are a great way to separate and organise your folded clothes, accessories, and jewellery. Not only that, draw dividers massively help with keeping your drawers neat, tidy and organised, so say goodbye to clutter! At MyFittedBedroom, soft gliding drawers can be added to our sliding wardrobes to really create the perfect drawer; they make it easy to reach in to the very back and find everything you need.

Install Hooks and Pegs:

It’s also worth considering adding hooks or pegs to the back or sides of your sliding wardrobe. This will allow you to hang things like scarves, belts, jackets or even handbags. They will ensure that you are making the most of all the space, including the vertical space. They are also super simple and quick to install yourself.

Small Space-saving Hangers:

We’d also recommend opting for slim space-saving hangers inside the wardrobe, instead of the bigger and bulkier ones that are available. This will mean that you’re making the most out of the internal storage in your sliding wardrobe. These specific types of hangers take up less room and will therefore allow you to fit more clothes in the same area and overall ramp up the amount of storage you have.

Hanging Organisers:

Why not try out hanging organisers on the inside of your sliding wardrobe doors? This will create additional storage for things like shoes, accessories, or smaller items. They’re a great way to make your possessions easily accessible and organised and they’re cheap to purchase!

Pull Out Shoe Storage:

We know that there is no such thing as too many shoes, so with a MyFittedBedroom pull-out shoe storage, you’ll be able to accommodate every shoe you own! If you’re looking to add this to a wardrobe you already own, why not purchase a free-standing shoe rack that fits in the base of your wardrobe? Our sliding wardrobe storage hacks will help utilise every single inch of storage available; they’re cheap, simple, and ultimately, effective in making the most out of your sliding wardrobe. For any more information regarding our sliding wardrobes, please get in touch; our friendly team of expert fitters would love to design you your perfect wardrobe today!