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Sliding Wardrobes: An Overview

When planning your new wardrobe design, it is important to understand what exactly you want and to look at the space you have.

At MyFittedBedroom, we love how sliding wardrobes can work in a much smaller space and yet give you the storage solutions you need. With a sliding door, you can rest assured that your bedroom won’t feel cramped when the doors are open, and we can use the space you have to create the bedroom you want.

Our sliding door wardrobes come in a range of 20 colours, with different finishes from wooden to glass or mirrors to coloured gloss. With an array of colours to choose from, we can come up with a wardrobe that will fit into any existing bedroom design, or with any new decorating that you might do.

MyFittedBedroom offer a bespoke service; we can come to you for an in-home design consultation and get to know exactly what you want and take a look at the space you have. It doesn’t matter if you have alcoves, sloped ceilings, a large space or a small one. Our design team can help you come up with a wardrobe solution, with sliding doors, that will not only fit the bedroom, but fit your lifestyle.

With MyFittedBedroom, all our sliding door wardrobes can be fitted with tailored storage solutions, you tell us if you want shelves, rails, trays or drawers and we will make it all work seamlessly together. There are so many ways we can make the wardrobe fit for you, that we can provide a few different designs for you to choose from.

If you have a small space but tall ceilings, we have a super height option, so you can have storage all the way up to the ceiling. This is perfect if you want to put clothes away for a season, but have nowhere else to put them. We can also put in some shoe storage, so your shoes can be hidden from view and put away nicely. Whatever you need, we are sure we can help.

To discuss your fitted wardrobe requirements, give MyFittedBedroom a call to arrange a in-home or online design consultation.