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Build a bedroom sanctuary

We’re constantly being reminded of the importance of sleep for our health and well-being, yet most of us still aren’t getting enough.

Banishing technology from the bedroom, exercise and cutting down on caffeine are some of the common ways people can improve their sleep.  Another idea is to make your bedroom as restful and relaxing as possible.

In this blog, we share tips for creating a peaceful, sleep-inducing bedroom sanctuary.

And yes, that does mean it’s time for a clear out!

White Fitted Furniture Makes the Perfect Sanctuary

A clean, white and tidy bedroom is free from distractions; a retreat to escape life’s everyday troubles.

And what’s behind those clean white doors is just as important.

A tidy bedroom equals a tidy mind – so have a good clear out and organise the space using our top tips and storage solutions.

Craving Colour?  Go Green!

Bring in gorgeous green for tranquillity, health and to mimic the natural world.  Green is a very relaxing colour – getting you into the optimum state to catch those all-important Zzzzs.

Houseplants are also brilliant for bedrooms, purifying the air and lessening a room’s humidity levels. To truly switch off and ultimately reap the benefits of better sleep, make this bedroom a tech free zone.

Everything Has a Place – and Everything in its Place 

There’s no room for mess in a sanctuary, so storage is another essential on the checklist. We’ve recently revamped our bedroom storage solutions from space saving bi-fold and sliding wardrobes through to shoe storage. Regardless of how many pairs of shoes you have, we can keep them in check, with the ability to add additional shelves to store handbags and other items.

Other great sleep tips include:

  • Keep bedrooms cool. No warmer than 17oC for a comfortable night. ‘Smart’ thermometers can control the home’s temperature room by room
  • Make the room as dark as possible. Darkness will increase levels of melatonin, the ‘sleep’ hormone. Blackout blinds can help
  • Reduce ‘blue-light’ exposure. Commit to turning off any screens at least 30 minutes before bed
  • Sleep scents. Lavender, chamomile and patchouli are all thought to have sleep inducing properties
  • Get a good routine. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time every day