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5 Ways You Can Recreate the Maximalist Bedroom Aesthetic with the Help of My Fitted Bedroom

Maximalism is one of the biggest interior home trends for 2024, so we took this as a sign to give you 5 ways to easily recreate the maximalist aesthetic in your bedroom!

What is Maximalism?

Maximalism is a term used to describe a layered approach. From clothing to interior design, it’s often described as being like Marmite… you either love it or you hate it! If done right though, it can look incredible in any home.

If you have simple and plain furniture, for example, a sleek sliding wardrobe or a simple fitted wardrobe, then you have the perfect base to get started building upon (that’s also future proof for any changes in trend!). Here are some of our effortless ways to kit out your bedroom in the style of this aesthetic:

1.     Statement Wall

From hand-painted designs to patterned wallpaper, there are a number of ways you can create an extravagant maximalist wall. The best part about this is that the design is completely your choice and there are no rules when it comes to maximalism!

2.     Art

Personalise this aesthetic by adding pieces of art to your room. It could be message prints, portraits, or abstract pieces; the possibilities are almost endless! Art is also a great way to let your personality shine through in your home.

3.     Glorious Greenery

Our next tip is to add plants or flowers to your room. If you’re not ready to care for your plants, remember that you have the option of artificial too! The more plants, the better; it is all about maximising the decor.

4.     Accessories

Remember to accessorise! There are hundreds of different types of accessories available to purchase, but our current favourites are funky rugs, statement cushions, calming candles, and of throws or blankets. The more accessories, the more chance of achieving a maximalist room!

5.     Simple Furniture

Whilst we know this goes against everything we’ve just said (let us explain!), to ensure your bedroom is perfect for years to come through changes in trends that can come and go, we’d recommend simple, quality furniture. Invest in a great bed and fitted furniture – pieces that can stay in your bedroom long-term and that you can easily accessorise around!

Here at My Fitted Bedroom, we specialise in all things fitted wardrobes and furniture. We have a wide range of ultra-sleek fitted wardrobes to give your bedroom the perfect canvas for on trend styling! Contact our team today to book your free home design visit!