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Our Fitted Wardrobes Designers specialise in overcoming challenging spaces and shapes

Designing fitted wardrobes comes with several challenges that can affect both the functionality and aesthetics of a bedroom. Here are some of the most common challenges our designers come across

Space Utilisation

  •    Optimising storage and making the most of available space while ensuring easy access to stored items is extremely important. Irregular Spaces such as sloped ceilings, alcoves, and uneven walls often complicate the design of fitted wardrobes.  A bedroom designer needs to call upon the relevant expertise and experience of cabinet makers and bedroom installers of the highest quality when a room has some tricky shapes.

Measurement Accuracy

  •    Precise accurate measurements are crucial to ensure the wardrobe fits perfectly into the designated space.  It is imperative a bedroom designer knows how to create a design that will accommodate for any deviations in wall angles or floor levels.

Aesthetic Integration

  •    Matching existing décor ensuring the fitted wardrobes design complements the style and colour scheme of the room will ensure the space is in keeping with the rest of the home.  Seamless integration making the wardrobe look like a natural extension of the room rather than an afterthought is a skill honed over many years as a bedroom designer.


  •    Internal Configuration – Designing the internal layout (shelves, drawers, hanging space) to suit the user’s needs, including accessibility ensuring that all areas of the wardrobe are easily accessible and usable without having to stretch to reach or search to find items.  Organising the storage of shoes, bags and boots needs careful consideration to future proof the bedroom

Material Selection

  • Choosing durable and high-quality materials that can withstand daily use whilst selecting materials with an aesthetic that matches the desired look and feel of the room isn’t aways straight forward.  We strive for stylish durability.

Budget Constraints

  •    Cost Management Balancing between desired features and the available budget.  Value for money ensuring that the chosen design and materials provide good value for the investment.


  •    Integration Incorporating adequate lighting within the wardrobe to ensure visibility.
  •    Electrical Work Managing the electrical work required for integrated lighting without compromising the design.


  •    Complexity The complexity of assembling and fitting the wardrobe in the space, especially in tight or awkward areas.
  •    Professional Skills The need for skilled professionals to ensure a high-quality finish and durability.


  •    Adaptability Designing the wardrobe to be adaptable to future changes in storage needs.
  •    Sustainability Considering eco-friendly materials and construction methods to create a sustainable design.

Addressing these challenges requires careful planning, precise execution, and often collaboration with experienced bedroom designers  to achieve a fitted wardrobe that is both functional and visually appealing.

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