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Spring Summer 2024 Bedroom Trends to Look Out For

With Spring now ‘springing’, it truly is the perfect time to start thinking about what Spring-Summer 2024 (SS24) trends you can incorporate into your home and interior décor! We’d love to share our insight into what trends Spring and Summer will bring…

1.    Maximalism

Controversial, yes, but maximalism is in this year! From large house plants to impactful wall art, we’re seeing lots more maximalism in people’s bedrooms this year so far, so expect it to stick around! That being said, we know trends don’t hang around forever! So, why not keep your bedroom furniture simple, with sleek fitted wardrobes and decorate around your fitted furniture to stay bang-on-trend? This is a great way to create a maximalist style room.

2.    Illuminate Your Space

2024 is all about natural light in your home. The fantastic thing about fitted wardrobes for your bedroom is that they will never obstruct any natural lighting sources, thanks to their bespoke design. As well as natural daylight, we have also seen artificial lighting fixtures feature wood, stone, rattan, and nature-inspired materials on lamps, lighting fixtures, and more. Or, if natural and relaxed isn’t your style at all, hang up a disco ball to make a statement and radiate even more light. Either way, get ahead of the trend by investing in some new lighting features in your bedroom!

3.    Brass and Metallic Accents

Last year, brass and other metallic accents paved the way for interior design. This year, the trend has levelled up! Gone are the days of glossy and vibrant metals, we are now looking forward to seeing more dull and brushed tones. The industrial vibe is something we cannot wait to see more of throughout the year. It’s definitely worth considering this trend when choosing wardrobe door handles for example!

4.    Bold Accessories and Furnishings

Contrasting with natural lighting and dull industrial accents, it’s time to step away from the gentle colour palette and opt for vibrant, rich colours! From small accessories, such as cushions and wall art to larger pieces like couches and feature walls, we absolutely love that pops of colour are making a return this spring and summer!

At My Fitted Bedroom, we’d love to help you achieve the perfect 2024-bedroom style with fitted wardrobes that are perfectly on trend, built with unrivalled quality. Contact our team today to request your free home design visit or to receive a complimentary brochure!