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The Rise of Scandinavian Minimalism and How You Can Incorporate This into Your Home

In 2023, we began to really notice the rise of the Scandinavian Minimalism within the interior design community. We therefore wanted to provide an insight into Scandinavian Minimalism, what it entails, and how you can incorporate this aesthetic into your home interior.

What is Scandinavian Minimalism?

This type of home interior aesthetic is bang-on-trend at the moment and is perfect for homeowners with a practical, yet stylish lifestyle. It’s mostly constructed of a natural colour palette combined with different textures, in order to create a sense of peace and serenity in the home. Minimalism means a clear and clean way of living, so no clutter or excessive decor, just a plain and simple aesthetic to create a timeless look. From bedrooms to bathrooms, you can use the concept of Scandinavian Minimalism in any room, but obviously we’re particularly fond of its use in a bedroom interior…

Why is it Becoming so Popular?

There are countless reasons why people love this aesthetic and it’s so clear as to why! Its timelessness, comfort and slick result are a few of the most common reasons.

After originating in the early 20th century, this type of style came about when Sweden, Denmark, and Norway pathed the way for home furniture with not only style, but also functionality. After its success in Scandinavia, it gained worldwide popularity for the exact reasons mentioned above.

How Can I Incorporate This Style into My Home?

The thing we love most about the Scandinavian Minimalism aesthetic is that it’s such a versatile and unique style that can be incorporated into anyone’s home. It is an ageless option which will stay stylish for the foreseeable. Here’s some of the ways you can incorporate this into your home and bedrooms:

  1. Eliminate Clutter – minimalism is all about a clean and clear space.
  2. Natural Colour Palettes – natural colours like soft beige, white, light browns, and gold.
  3. Soft and Ambient Lighting Options – candles, natural daylight, lamps, and overhead lighting fixtures.
  4. Natural Textures – natural textures like macrame, wood, cotton, and other rustic textiles.
  5. Fitted Furniture – fitted furniture from My Fitted Bedroom, such as our fitted wardrobes, are perfect for eliminating clutter and giving you the minimalistic vision that you have always desired.

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