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Tips For Cleaning Your Fitted Wardrobes

With spring on the horizon, we’d love to share some of our top tips for giving your fitted wardrobes a thorough spring clean! It’s important to clean and maintain the cleanliness of your fitted wardrobes for many reasons, but here are a few:

  1. To stop the materials from breaking or rotting from cold or damp weather.
  2. To keep your fitted wardrobes looking brand new!
  3. To ensure your clothes stay in tip top condition too.

The bedroom is definitely a room that you want to keep in pristine condition to maintain a relaxing environment, so follow our fitted wardrobe cleaning tips to achieve a spotless and organised setting:

  1. Remove all belongings from the wardrobe and place them somewhere clean and dust-free, we recommend upon a clean bed or in another room.
  2. Next, we recommend using antibacterial wipes or a damp microfibre cloth to remove dust and dirt from the units.
  3. After that, clean the front of the wardrobe and any other surfaces with wipes or a microfibre cloth too.
  4. Use a hoover attachment to remove any dust and dirt you can see in any hard-to-reach areas, this ensures you have a smooth glide for your wardrobe doors and drawers.
  5. For mirrored surfaces, a window cleaning solution will work wonders and remove those pesky streaks and fingerprints.
  6. Once the cleaning is done, you can reorganise your clothes, shoes, and accessories back into their rightful places.

Taking care of your fitted wardrobes will preserve their premium quality and help them last longer and look great for years to come! As well as keeping the wardrobe itself clean, it also helps keep your belongings clean and dust-free too; it’s a win-win.

Here at My Fitted Bedroom, we are experts in our field and have the experience to give our customers the fitted wardrobes that they have been dreaming about! From sliding to shaker styles, we have a broad range of styles that would are perfect for anyone’s bedroom decor.

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