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What Are Shaker Style Fitted Wardrobes and How Can You Style Them in Your Bedroom

It’s needless to say that at My Fitted Bedroom, fitted wardrobes are our best seller! However, there are various different fitted wardrobes that we offer, including shaker fitted wardrobes. Here, we’ll share some of the ways you can style shaker wardrobes with the rest of your room. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes shaker fitted wardrobes different to the other styles of fitted wardrobes…

The shaker design dates back to the 18th century. It’s a design made with clean lines, minimalistic details, and ultimately, it’s timeless. These wardrobes are incredibly elegant and can work well in any room aesthetic. As a result, the shaker design is one of our most popular types of fitted wardrobes to this day.

When people think of shaker design furniture, many peoples first thought is kitchen furniture, but here at My Fitted Bedroom, we can carry this much-loved style into bedroom furniture!

One of the most popular shaker styles is our stunning Elise shaker wardrobe. It’s a beautiful design available in a wide variety of colours; there are 29 colours to choose from, along with the option of various wood effects, matte finishes, and more, giving you a broad variety of options to choose from! There’s bound to be something you’ll love having in your bedroom.

There are many ways to style our fitted wardrobes in your bedroom, take a look below at some of our top tips:

  • Choose a colour and effect that will match the rest of your bedroom furniture.
  • Organise your clothing and belongings aesthetically, whether it is in colour order, seasonal order, and so on.
  • Buy decorative pieces to add into your fitted wardrobe, such as velvet hangers, colour coordinating storage baskets, mini adhesive lights, and more.

There are lots of ways to style shaker fitted wardrobes in your home, but if you would like some further advice, make sure to reach out to a member of our team for advice. We also offer a free home design visit where you can start to visualise how one of our fitted wardrobes would work in your room.

To learn more about our fitted wardrobes, vist our website or get in touch today to begin your fitted bedroom journey!