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What Storage Do You Want?

When working with our customers to design their perfect fitted bedroom, we always make sure that they have the right amount of storage that they need. This is important as a wardrobe can be used for storing many different things, other than just clothes. We love to help customers find their perfect storage solution, so why not check out the below article to find out more about how we can help…

Shoe Storage

Having the ideal fitted wardrobe for your bedroom can mean that you get even more space to do what you want with. This can include shoe storage; we have various different types of shoe storage solutions, from racks to shelving. Keeping your shoes in the wardrobe means that they’re not lying around the house waiting to be tripped on; your bedroom looks tidier; and you always know exactly where your shoes are!


It’s fairly obvious that in your wardrobe you’d put your clothes, but at MyFittedBedroom, we have different types of clothing storage, such as racks, drawers, shelves and rails, meaning we can pretty much provide you with anything you wish. If you have rails and drawers, this frees up the need for additional drawers that are standalone and can take up valuable space. By having your clothes all in one space, it can help you keep the room a lot neater, give you some space back and help you see exactly what you want to wear out.


If you want the wardrobe to be a one-stop-shop for all things wearable, why not look into accessory storage that can be put into the wardrobe. We can add in space for ties, watches, scarves, belts and even hats! We can also add in a jewellery section to keep your valuables safe and not on show.

At MyFittedBedroom, we love to help our customers design the perfect fitted bedroom to suit all their needs. If a new fitted wardrobe is what you’re looking for, then give our team a call to arrange a design consultation and get your dream bedroom!