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Custom Fitted Wardrobes Enhancing Well-being with ‘The Sensory Home’

Exciting collaborations come around when you least expect it. Never was this more evident than when we collaborated with renowned author and interior stylist Pippa Jameson for a fascinating project – The Sensory Home.

Based on Pippa’s best-selling book, The Sensory Home design project was centred around combining sensory elements in design and creating an environment that allowed for individuals to completely detach from the stresses of the external world. A critical aspect of this concept was the perfect fitted bedroom – a serene space where relaxation is the top priority. This is where our expertise in bespoke wardrobes came into play.

We were tasked with creating fitted wardrobes for all four stunning bedrooms in Pippa’s renovated Liverpool home. We focused on design principles that encouraged both functionality and a positive sensory experience. 

One of the main challenges of this project was to integrate these fitted wardrobes into the overall aesthetic feel of the rooms, whilst retaining the valuable storage space and functionality. With our well-thought-out and expertly executed designs, we were able to accomplish this successfully. We worked with Pippa to choose colour palettes and textures that enhanced relaxation while providing practical features, such as pull-down rails for easy clothing access, built-in lighting, and gliding shoe rails.

One standout piece was the Elle wardrobe in Super Matte Cashmere, which was installed in the Sensory Home’s main bedroom. Built on either side of a grand fireplace and chimney breast, it seamlessly blended with the rest of the room, reflecting an aura of calm and tranquillity. We echoed this design in the other bedrooms, incorporating variations in shades for an overall harmonious feel. All of these design choices reinforced the project’s key theme of improving the overall well-being within the home.

This partnership provided a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional interior design, placing more importance on sensory experiences and emotional well-being in designing fitted bedroom furniture, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Not only have we transformed these rooms into relaxing, personal sanctuaries, but we’ve also shown how versatile and transformative fitted wardrobes can be. This success was highlighted when The Sensory Home was featured in The Times, earning praise for its innovative approach to design.

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