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10 best fitted wardrobes 2024

We have a wide range of wardrobes for every budget. Our smart storage will provide the most stylish ways to organise your bedroom and the colours we offer suit all decor choices. We can create hundreds of bespoke design combinations with our range of fitted furniture – and it isn’t just the bedroom that we fit furniture for. We can design a stunning utlility room, under stair storage cupboards, cloak rooms and walk-in-wardrobes.

So if you’re looking for the best way to declutter your bedroom and save yourself some floor space the best solution is with fitted wardrobes. And here our top picks for 2024!


Best for loft rooms

Glass sliding doors are ideal for loft rooms as they provide lots of storage and can be shaped to fit in rooms with sloping ceilings in the roof space. When you talk to a My Fitted Bedroom designer during a home design visit, we will show you all of the combinations that you can have with our glass sliding wardrobe doors. A big benefit with sliding doors is that you don’t need to allow for room to open doors outwards into the bedroom space – making them ideal for small areas and compact rooms. We can design to fit the sliding doors into the sloping roof as everything is made-to-measure and to your exact measurements.

Creating a room under the eaves of your house can add value to your home, but it sometimes results in having to furnish around small or unusual spaces; the key to pulling off a successful loft conversion is getting the furniture just right. And we can help with that.

Best for dressing rooms

Our Shaker door design teamed with white open interiors look fantastic within dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes.

Having a dressing room professionally designed and installed also takes the hassle out of the process. We can help you create the ideal layout – ensuring things like plug sockets and any light fittings within the room are taken into consideration.

And contrary to popular belief, a walk-in wardrobe isn’t just for those with huge houses – we’re seeing a trend for creating sub-sections of ‘normal sized rooms’ and the use of spare rooms to create dedicated dressing rooms.

Best for versatile spaces

By far our most popular door design, the Elise suits all spaces. This wardrobe looks fantastic in all types of layouts – whether it’s a full height, floor to ceiling door fitted wardrobe, or neat drawers.

As the range comes in numerous colour options, every customer’s home can look totally different. White and Cashmere colours are stunning in the square panel design, but many people choose the deep hues of Classic Blue and Clover Green in this design.

Best for narrow rooms

Light-coloured finishes and mirrors strategically placed within the furniture design help to make a small and narrow space look bigger. It contributes to creating an illusion of openness and brightness, helping to visually expand the room despite its narrow dimensions.

Opting for built-in wardrobes with sliding doors can also be an excellent choice in a narrow room, as they save valuable floor space compared to traditional hinged doors.

Utilising tall, slimline storage units or vertical shelving helps maximise vertical space, making the most of the room’s height too. We love how our Elise design with mirror panels looks in this narrow dressing room that now has an abundance of storage.

Best for warming colours

The My Fitted Bedroom Serenity range offers fantastic nature-inspired colours. The five warming colours within the collection create a cosy and inviting atmosphere conducive to relaxation and restfulness.

Shades like soft yellows, gentle oranges, and earthy tones evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and tranquility, promoting a sense of calmness and serenity within the space. These hues can help to visually warm up a room, especially during cooler months, making it feel more welcoming and intimate.

Additionally, warm colours have been shown to have psychological effects, such as reducing stress and promoting relaxation, which are essential for a restful sleep environment.

Best for versatile storage

Our shoe storage and built in boudoir provide brilliant bespoke storage for all kinds of difficult to store items, keeping treasured possessions looking brand new. By incorporating adjustable shelving, versatile storage systems and drawers our intelligent designs and clever storage solutions allow for easy customisation to accommodate varying items.

This storage doesn’t compromise on style either – they look just as good as an open display as behind full height fitted wardrobe doors. All in all, our built-in storage will help to keep clutter at bay – where everything has a place and everything is in its place!

Best for low budgets

Even our small half size doors create extra storage space in small rooms, because sometime it’s the small things that count! But as this fitted cupboard wardrobe, in a very unusual room with a low sloping ceiling, our designers can help to create compact solutions in all types of room.

Sometimes we don’t need a big bank of fitted wardrobes, we just want to make the use of our space to make our homes look neat, tidy and well organised – and our fitted furniture designs do just that. You can read more about this home design here.

Best for bright rooms and colourful decor

Our coloured glass sliding doors are available in a range of bright shades. Opting for furniture with clean lines and bright finishes helps maintain a sense of openness and airiness in already well-lit spaces.

You can add a wall of colour with our sliding wardrobe doors without overwhelming the space. Additionally, transparent or reflective surfaces such as glass or mirrored furniture can amplify natural light and contribute to a sense of spaciousness. When it comes to accessories, mix and match vibrant throw pillows, rugs, and artwork to inject pops of colour throughout the room, creating a dynamic and lively ambiance.

By balancing colourful decor with light, airy furnishings, bright rooms can exude energy and charm while remaining inviting and visually stimulating.

Best for smaller spaces

Our Classic Blue Shaker doors can be used for under bed storage, drawers and full wardrobes. Fitted furniture is ideal for small bedrooms as it can be designed to incorporate clever space-saving features such as built-in wardrobes with sliding doors, integrated drawers, or pull-out shelves, ensuring efficient organisation and easy access to belongings. The seamless integration of fitted furniture also contributes to a streamlined and cohesive aesthetic, creating a sense of visual continuity that can make small bedrooms feel larger and more open.

Unlike freestanding furniture, fitted pieces are custom-built to fit precisely into the available space, minimising wasted gaps and corners. This bespoke approach allows for the optimisation of every inch of the room, from floor to ceiling – and even under beds!

Best for either side of a chimney breast

Our full height Elle doors provide an abundance of storage and make the best use of unusual spaces.

For bedrooms or guest rooms with alcoves, fitted furniture is ideal to make the most of any original features such as a fireplace and chimney breast and to maximise storage space. By creating wardrobe storage in the alcoves, you will have room for a double bed or two twin beds for guests. We recommend doors that reach the full height of the room for a neat and uniform look. We love how the handles match the colour of the traditional fireplace on this design …. stunning.

Has our round up of the 10 best fitted wardrobes for 2024 inspired you? If so why not book a free bedroom design consultation through our Home Design Visit service? Or you can opt to work with one of our designers via a Virtual Design Visit.