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Half of UK adults use smartphones in the bedroom

A new poll has revealed that more than half of the UK uses their smartphone or tablet device in bed – in fact it’s the second most popular place to use smartphones overall – just behind while watching the TV.

The study into UK screen time also found that a massive 78 per cent of people check their phones or use their smart devices within an hour of going to sleep – something that experts advise against for those trying to get a good night’s sleep!

And it appears men are worse than women for this night-time no-no, with 81 per cent  of men saying they view their screens just before turning out the light compared to just 77 per cent of women.

But the older we get the wiser we get it seems, or maybe we just need more sleep! While a huge 92 per cent of people aged 16 to 24 use their mobile just before going to sleep this reduces to just 57 per cent in the over 55 age group.

The convenience of smartphones means we can chat, shop and scroll through our social media channels almost anywhere – in fact, one in three people use their phones whilst on the toilet!

But it seems one device isn’t enough for screen-happy Brits. The most common situation in which people use their smartphones is while watching TV (64% use their mobiles in front of the telly), this was followed closely by people using their devices in bed (55%). Other top answers were on the bus or train (34%) and at work (33%).

In a similar survey, it was reported that British adults actually spend around 1000 hours a year using their phones in bed, that’s equivalent to 45 days and 15 hours!

But here’s why it isn’t such a great idea. Scientists have spotted a link between exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum and difficulty sleeping because blue light suppresses levels of the sleep hormone Melatonin. So the blue light emitted from screens keeps your brain active and may be preventing you from drifting off and enjoying a deep sleep.

Advice is to turn off mobiles, computers and tablets at least 45 minutes before you’d like to drift off. Even rays from a digital alarm clock or radio can be enough to disrupt the sleep cycle.

If there’s no way you’re giving up your smartphone or tablet in bed, then check your phone for features like Night Shift that will automatically adjust the colours of the screen to a warmer colour and reduce the blue light emitted.

And if you’re lying in bed reading this – then maybe it’s time to switch off and dig out a book for a while. Not convinced? OK then why not have a look at some of the gorgeous fitted wardrobes we have in our range and give us a call to see how we can transform you bedroom into a haven for great sleep!

The screen time survey was carried out by Code Computerlove as part of an overall study into how long Brits spend on their phones and what they do on them (